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The KLBRI Institute, formerly an idea conceived in 2019, has rapidly evolved into a transformative force within the realm of community wellness, leadership development, and social justice advocacy. Founded under the auspices of the Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples Alliance (LAIPA), the institute officially launched its operations in 2021, embarking on a journey to foster meaningful change and resilience within marginalized communities.

Founding and Early Years (2019-2021):

The seeds of KLBRI were sown in 2019 when KLBRI's Founder, Dr. Patty Ramirez, recognized the pressing need for a platform and organization that addresses the unique challenges faced by social justice leaders and advocates who are experiencing organizational harm, race-based stress and fatigue leading to negative health outcomes and burnout. This concept grew into the KLBRI Institute, which was established with the goal of empowering communities and organizations through comprehensive healing-centered programs and initiatives.

Becoming a MSW Practicum Site (2021):

By 2021, the institute had solidified its position as a practicum site for macro social work students pursuing their Master of Social Work (MSW) degrees. This academic partnership allowed students to engage with real-world challenges and gain hands-on experience in community-based interventions.

Diversifying Offerings: Organizational Wellness and Research (2021-2022):

The KLBRI Institute's commitment to holistic community development became evident through its organizational wellness and development workshops. These initiatives aimed to strengthen the capacity of local organizations, fostering a collective spirit of growth and empowerment.

Furthermore, KLBRI embarked on a research journey, collaborating with street vendors disproportionately affected by violence. This effort led to the creation of two groundbreaking curriculum units—Community Safety and Vendor Empowerment. These resources were developed in collaboration with the LA Public Library and the Community Power Collective, underscoring KLBRI's dedication to partnership and knowledge dissemination.

Indigenous Women Advocacy and Healing Initiatives (2022):

Collaborating with Xinachtli Comadres National Colectiva, KLBRI initiated advocacy campaigns centered around the Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls movement. These campaigns focused on grassroots mobilization and amplification of transnational indigenous voices, addressing an urgent concern within the community to end gender-based violence.

Drawing inspiration from Xinachtli's Rites of Passage curriculum, KLBRI launched a Women's Facilitator Circle—a program designed for capacity building and healing among facilitators. Additionally, the institute introduced the Community HEART Circles curriculum program, hosting a 12-week collective-centered journey that provided a safe container for community members, organizational staff, and stakeholders to engage in racial healing and personal growth.

Expansion and Future Aspirations (2023 and Beyond):

The year 2023 marked significant milestones for KLBRI. It secured a partnership with Americorps, welcoming a cohort of Public Health Americorps Fellows (PHA). This expansion allowed the institute to broaden its reach and impact, while also offering vital opportunities for emerging public health leaders.

In May 2023, KLBRI unveiled its Mental Health First Aid training program, encompassing workshops that address adult and youth mental health challenges. This initiative reflects the institute's unwavering commitment to holistic wellbeing and mental health awareness.

Furthermore, KLBRI's continued collaboration with street vendors expanded to San Diego, focusing on researching the economic impact of vendors. This research served a dual purpose: informing policy changes and also acting as a human rights advocacy tool.

Looking ahead, KLBRI aspires to extend its offerings by introducing youth and facilitator circles within the Xinachtli framework. Additionally, the institute aims to establish itself as a Teen Mental Health First Aid site, responding to the unique mental health needs of young individuals.

Undoubtedly, KLBRI's next ambitious endeavor—the Leading with HEART methodology and fellowship—promises to shape a future where ethno and racial trauma are addressed with sensitivity, expertise, and profound impact. As the institute continues to blaze a trail of empowerment and healing, its legacy within the community continues to grow and flourish.

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