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Image by Sean Sinclair
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Dr. Julio Villar Carranza

MSW Student Consultant



Julio Villar Carranza is currently pursuing his Master of Social Work degree at Loyola University Chicago. Julio’s education includes a Juris Doctorate from Brigham Young University, and a Doctor of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California. Julio has enjoyed a professional career as a juvenile probation officer, attorney, and social worker fighting for the sovereignty, self-determination and rights of Indigenous Peoples; and advocating for the needs of children and families involved in the child welfare systems. Julio proudly identifies as an indigenous Mexican descendant, who was born in Jesus Maria’ Aguascalientes, Mexico, and then survived being trafficked into the U.S. Julio was also raised in the California and Idaho state foster custody systems, and is the only known U.S. foster care survivor to earn two doctoral degrees. Julio enjoys mentoring, coaching, and connecting with individuals with lived experience and helping them discover and radiate their own inner light.

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