Image by Sean Sinclair

Elizabeth Palomares-Michael

MSW Student Consultant



Elizabeth Palomares-Michael is a Master of Social Work graduate student at the University of Southern California and experienced business owner of a flourishing skincare business called Piel Peel. As a licensed esthetician of thirteen years, Elizabeth is highly spirited when it comes to helping her clients feel beautiful both inside and out. She is passionate about uplifting those in her community and her aim is to broaden the status quo in the beauty industry. As an emerging social worker, she is deeply committed to protect and safeguard natural beauty in communities. She brings years of experience in public speaking, marketing, and PR to her role as MSW Student Consultant to the Institute where she is building organizational capacity and developing the Institute’s narrative to change programmatic activities. Elizabeth loves writing, running, and spending time in her garden where she feels connected to her ancestors.