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Image by Sean Sinclair
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Belen Velazquez

Public Health AmeriCorps Fellow


Belen Velazquez is a Queer (2 Spirit) Detribalized Xicana who is reclaiming and remembering her indigenous roots by returning to the Earth and committing to walking the sacred Red Road while being in good relationship with all of her relations. She became a mother for the first time during the Pandemic and this life altering experience influenced her passion and purpose of becoming a Full spectrum Life & Death Doula offering support to families during all stages of life specifically during pivotal Rites of Passage transitions. She is a Womb Keeper and Voice Activator passionate about helping individuals dive into intergenerational healing for past, present and future generations. She is  a Storyteller and Song Carrier who shares her medicine through the healing power of Cantos as Prayer. Belen is continuously learning how to create her everyday life into Ceremony by connecting to the elements within me and around her, to her spirit guides and Ancestors. She has been training to become a Fire Keeper at the Hummingbird Sweat lodge and is committed to becoming a lifelong student while practicing becoming a Curanderismo Practitioner.

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